Tuesday, August 19, 2008

100 College Presidents Call for Lowering the Drinking Age

Now this I can suppport. I completely agree with 100 College and University presidents who are now calling for the legal drinking age to be lowered. Don't laugh. It makes perfect sense. Among the points that should be considered are:
  1. If people are considered mature enough to go to war to kill and die for their country, they are definitely mature enough to drink alcohol responsibly.
  2. Restrictive rules on drinking encourage clandestine and binge drinking (which are the most dangerous kinds of drinking).
  3. The widespread use of fake ID's among college students erodes respect for the law.
  4. The high numbers of arrests of people for ordinary college behavior makes the system appear corrupt and often hypocritical which, again, erodes respect for the law.

Anyone who has been to college understands that the 21 and over law does not curtail drinking one iota among the 18-20 year old group. Drinking among college students is, reportedly, on the rise. Most people consider it a legal taboo to drink underage, not a social one. It is time for an intelligent debate on this failure of public policy.