Friday, February 1, 2008

The "Sideways effect"...

The Coastal CHP, responding to what they call the "Sideways Effect", has just received a grant of $658,000 to pay for more enforcement of DUI laws due to what they are saying is an increase in the numbers of "wine-related activities" that have come about since the acclaimed movie Sideways hit the theatres in 2004. Just in time, guys! Actually, I haven't seen any data which proves that more wine tasters in Santa Ynez has led to more DUI related accidents, but I will at least concede that it would be logical if there were at least a few more than average now that the Santa Ynez wine country is "on the map". So, I won't speak out against this effort to deter and prevent crashes which are caused by inebriates. But I will ask that our buddies in beige honor the US Constitution in all of their grant-funded activities, and make sure they follow the prescriptions of the California Code of Regulations and the Department of Health services in administering breath and blood tests as they do so. Thanks in advance.

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