Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Off Topic: Get Ready for the 2008 Bud Bowl!

I am in a complete snit today thinking about how the corporate owned media is going to manipulate the public day in and day out for the next 5 months. The media giants are looking forward to record profits with every reason to expect that we will all be glued to our televisions while we try to get a sense of who is ahead in the race for the Whitehouse. There will be this opinion poll and that opinion poll, and the endless bantering and bickering among pundits. Presently it is all about whether Hillary is damaging the party by not endorsing Barack; as if this is a real concern that will prevail into November. The truth is, it will blow over. Those very few that are so disheartened about Hillary's defeat, and so much so that they say they are unwilling to vote for Barack (who, by the way, never said anything unfair toward Hillary in spite of being invited to do so repeatedly by the media), will either get over themselves, or they won't. Even if the media keeps fanning the flames of this so-called "issue", it won't make a difference in the outcome of the election. Yes, 18 million votes were cast for Hillary in the primaries. However, it is a complete fiction that those 18 million voters are not willing to vote for Barack unless Hillary "green-lights" it. Some of those people have already abandoned Hillary; and, in fact, they all should now that Barack is the presumptive nominee, regardless of what Hillary thinks. That's politics and it's nothing new. There are winners and losers, and Hillary is the loser; plain and simple. Hillary must accept that, much the way Al Gore did once the Supreme Court had spoken on whether the recount should continue in Florida. When it is clearly over, it is time to concede. That is called being a gracious loser, and Hillary is coming dangerously close to being a sore loser, if she hasn't already crossed that line.

If it is really about policy over personality, and what direction the country should head post-W, then any Hillary supporter would have to vote for Obama. Otherwise we could legitimately question their motives in voting for Hillary in the first place. After all, the major policy positions of Hillary and Barack have always been identical.

But, regardless, there will be a perceived neck and neck horse race (i.e., Obama's up, McCain is down and vice versa), and it's a big lie. Why? Because of one simple point:

If you don't already know who you would vote for come November (Obama or McCain), you are an imbecile. Sorry, but that's just true.

If you say you are undecided, and are not an imbecile, you are an attention-grabbing liar, who wants to be catered to and courted by the media and the two campaigns. They will sit down with you at the "kitchen table", interview you, invite you to participate in focus groups and bake you cookies, while you continue to fake that you are not an imbecile and/or undecided. Let's face it, the two candidates could not be more different on any scale you choose. This is not in fact the "bud bowl" as the candidates are way more different from each other than are any two bottles of beer. However, the analogy still works because the corporate owned media will prove that the public can be manipulated into believing that there really is a "decision" to be made that hasn't been made already. Oh, and just be sure to stay tuned through the commercials.

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