Tuesday, December 4, 2007

NO Canada!

In a previous post I addressed how a conviction of a crime (even a misdemeanor) can negatively impact a person's earnings. What you probably didn't know is that a criminal conviction (even a misdemeanor) can cause one to be excluded from Canada and other countries with similar immigration policies (e.g., France). If you don't believe me, see for yourself on Canada's website. My advice to anyone who has a need or desire to travel to Canada, is to avoid becoming convicted of a misdemeanor or something more serious. And, if you have been already convicted (and can't change that), then contact the Canadian consular office nearest you to explore what may be your options to enter. If you have suffered any criminal conviction, particularly in the last five years, you should not book flights to, nor drive to, Canada without taking a close look at this potentially expensive interruption of your travel plan. Actually, don't take for granted that you can enter any country when you have a criminal conviction in your past. It is always wise to research the immigration policies of any country before you book your travel. To find a consular office of the country you are planning to travel to, click here.

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