Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stocking stuffers!

I am proud to share the following true story:
An anonymous informant told me that he had two members of the Santa Barbara Probation Department show up at his door on Sunday afternoon. They announced that they wanted to search his residence for a person they were interested in. Instead of refusing to the invasion of privacy in the traditional way (i.e., by saying "no"), the informant directed their attention to a decal which he had placed about the front door which says, "I do not waive my right against warrantless search & seizure". To each question, he simply tapped the window behind the sticker. After stammering, arguing and issuing various threats, the probation officers left in a huff. They have not been heard from since. Apparently, the Fourth Amendment is alive and well this holiday season.
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Anonymous said...

Maybe Santa Claus decided to bring actually a meaningful gift this Christmas to America, the Fourth Amendment. That is great news!!! I would take this gift over some books, shirts or purses at any Christmas!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome story! I love it. Your stickers are making a difference!

K. said...

I have one of your stickers on my calendar/dayplanner; I get questions about it, and people love it. Today, I shared this story with a fellow attorney, and the reaction was shouts of wondrous joy.
That story really is fantastic: you've revived the Fourth Amendment! Armed with your sticker, ordinary people have the terminology, the authority, and the courage to refuse warrantless searches! Way to go. It's too wonderful for words. And I'm proud as hell to be in the same profession.