Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Wrong Kind of Sticker?

A couple of months ago, I cited a real world example of the usefulness of a certain sticker that I make available free at my office, and for sale on The stickers in the photo are next to the front door of a house that was recently searched by the police pursuant to a warrant. It happens that neither the "Back the Badge" sticker, nor the American flag, deterred law enforcement from obtaining the warrant, nor executing the search. I can't say I'm surprised. On a related topic, I do sometimes wonder if the CHP's 11-99 Foundation license plate frames help lead-footed Mercedes drivers escape traffic stops and tickets. Apparently, for an $1,800 donation, you get a license plate frame and a special wallet and a badge which is perfect for handing to a CHP officer who pulls you over for speeding. $1,800!? Is this another example of rich people buying favor with the police? It is little wonder that those license plate frames are only seen on very expensive cars. Granted the organization provides assistance to the families of CHP officers in need, but is it really working toward the greater benefit of public safety and good government? If the wealthy folks who can afford to give $1,800 to the families of CHP officers (who, by the way, are already indirectly and directly compensated through pretty decent benefits packages by the California taxpayer) really care so much about the families of fallen CHP officers, can't they care, instead, in private? Or is their real motive to get out of speeding tickets by publicly displaying their support of this organization? Is their confidence that they won't get either pulled over or cited for speeding putting the rest of us at risk?

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